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What is Aside?

What is Aside?

We made it really, really simple to share your thoughts, and participate in discussions across the web. Aside opens up every page on the web to comment, review, debate, rate, dispute, concur, vent, and just kick around your ideas about literally any web page online.

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Aside is discussion

The web is an interesting place, full of interesting people to talk to. As you surf the web, you can participate in discussions or simply see what others are saying about, well, anything. Find and follow people whose ideas you like, and we’ll help other people find and follow you.

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It's quite simple

On any web page, you can open up a discussion. Have something to say? Go for it. We’ll share your thoughts with others through the main feed where you’ll see the latest news and discussions, or turn your commentary into a blog that others can follow and share.

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  • Participate in discussions about everything
  • Discover new websites and ideas
  • Review and comment on any web page